Road Safety: How to Avoid a Head-On Collision

Over the years, New York has had so many cases of damaged property and injuries caused by car accidents. Yesterday I watched a video on Facebook where a woman from Brooklyn ran into a gas station store destroying her car and the building. The shop attendant was lucky he wasn’t hurt but the damage on the car and the business premises was massive. Accidents are unplanned for and can occur anywhere and at any location. Sometimes you need an attorney to guide you through the whole process of compensation from your insurance company. The Sullivan Papain Block Mc Grath and Cannavo P.C. (SPBMC) is one firm that offers exceptional and great attorney service.

How to Avoid Head-On Collisions on the Roads.

Stay alert on the road. This includes being focused while driving and doing so when you are physically and mentally fit to drive.

Observe the speed limit when driving. If you are driving at a very high speed, it is likely that you might run into a swerving driver causing a head-on collision accident which could be avoided if you observed the speed limit.

Maintain reasonable distance from other vehicles. Do not be in a rush which can lead to a fatal accident.

Obey traffic rules. Stop signs, traffic lights and the other traffic rules should not be taken for granted when driving.

What to Do If Faced With a Head-On Collision

Sometimes head-on collisions will occur even if you practice good road discipline. The drivers on the road may be distracted, drunk or drowsy and in that case you will have more time to react. There are actions to take if that situation arises to reduce the impact of the collision.

Reduce your speed immediately. Do not allow yourself to panic and lose control. Take a deep breath and reduce the speed as this greatly decreases the impact and overall damage done. Fatal accidents mostly involve over speeding and therefore avoid sudden braking.

Drive on to the right shoulder. It is better to collide with shoulders or ditches than with other vehicles. Remember if you panic and hit other cars, you will be liable for damaging property and you will need a car crash attorney in NYC to get you out of that mess. If you have already reduced your speed and the driver is still swerving to your lane, drive to the right side of the road. This is better than colliding.

Stay Prepared. Do not open your mouth wide and shout Jesus. Accidents happen in two seconds and you can’t use a restart button. You have just two seconds to flash the driver and swerve to the right. You may get a damage done to your car but it will certainly not be worse than a head-on.

If you get involved in a collision accident and on arrival to the medical center they neglect or delay to attend to you or a loved one, you can hire a medical malpractice lawyer from SPBMC to defend you in court. Some accidents can involve property destruction. With that in mind, the property owner may need to hire a premises liability attorney to get compensation. Visit to contact SPBMC for the best legal services.

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