What to Expect During Fire Warden Training

What to Expect During Fire Warden Training

Home fires are very common no matter where you live and what time of year it is. Most of these home fires result in casualties, on top of million worth of damages. Hence, knowledge about fire prevention is very important. But not all household owners have sufficient knowledge about preventing and extinguishing fires. In these emergency cases, the ability of the fire disaster team to respond is highly crucial. For this reason, fire warden training is highly intensive. Anyone who wishes to become a fire warden must go through and complete the training to ensure that they can protect homeowners in case of fire.


Completion of fire warden training is, therefore, the single most important requirement for pursuing this type of career. Before you start looking for a training course to enroll in, you need to know what to expect during training.


Responsibilities of a Fire Warden
As a fire warden, it is your responsibility to respond to a specific area wherein a fire is reported. Most fire warden offices are responsible for a specific area, which allows quick response following the first call of the incident.


Your first task upon arrival at the scene is to usher people out of the building or home that is on fire. You should also do the same with onlookers since fire often grows and affects neighboring buildings. A fire warden is trained on how to coordinate people that are moving out of the building to avoid the situation from becoming chaotic or for people to become panicky. It is also the fire personnel’s responsibility to make sure that everyone has exited the building and that no one is left behind.


Once the people are secured, the fire warden must focus on extinguishing the fire. It is vital that the process is done in a rapid manner to avoid fire from spreading. The sooner the fire is put out, the less risk is posed to the people in the area. It also means less damage to properties.


101 on Fire Warden Training
There two aspects about dealing with the fire encompassed in a fire warden training: fire prevention and live fire demonstration. In fire prevention, you will learn basic information on common causes of fire and how they can be prevented. A lot of homeowners are exposed to fire hazards in their day to day living and they do not even realize it! This lack of knowledge is the leading cause of home fires (and unfortunately, home fire deaths). As a fire warden, you are also responsible for passing on this information to your constituents.


As part of your training, you will also learn how to extinguish the fire using all kinds of fire extinguisher tools. You will be required to perform a live demonstration on how to put out a fire to showcase your skill and knowledge. Your ability to put out a fire quickly could mean the difference between life and death among fire victims.


When looking for a fire training course, you need to opt for ones that combine both theoretic study and practical application. It is not enough that you know how to put out fire but also be able to demonstrate your ability to. For more details, just visit at http://www.chubb.com.au/fire-warden-training-brisbane-sydney-melbourne-perth/


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