Bernard Billedo Photography

The Bernard Billedo Photography Website (formerly known as BB’s Homepage) has been around since November 1998 and was originally set up at Fortunecity and moved to Tripod. In May 2004, it got its own website at https://www.bernardbilledo.com which has no pop-up ads and banners.


Images can now be purchased as prints for private display and viewing, or licensed for commercial use.

Tools (Technical Stuff):

I used Frontpage for page building. I can hand code but I want to concentrate more on the design.

I use an Infinity Book PC with Intel P3 600 MHz and 256Mb of RAM.

Photographs were taken using a Canon EOS 30 35mm camera with Canon EOS lenses. Canon T90 and A-1 cameras with 28mm, 50mm and 35-105mm FD lenses were also used on the early photographs.